What advantages do you gain in using US warehousing services?

The road to business expansion in the US is not an easy one. With increasing supply chain constraints, demand is at an all-time high and it’s only going to continue to grow. For your business to remain relevant in your industry, it is crucial that it meets the growing needs of buyers. One way to reach optimal order fulfillment, enhanced inventory management, and better client experience is by using warehousing services in the US. Let’s review why you should consider having a US warehouse facility.

Lower shipping rates 

Shipping rates aren’t going down anytime soon. Competition is high, and each carrier marks up their prices on a yearly basis. 

By using a US warehouse, your business can start enjoying US domestic shipping fees instead of international rates, therefore your business will benefit from a major decrease in shipping rates. Lower shipping costs will help you focus on lowering your expenditures while improving your margins.

Faster shipping time 

As you might know, shipping within the US is significantly quicker, removing the inconvenience of customs and delays. With faster shipping time, customers will be tempted to choose your products, as in the current market conditions, product availability and delivery time are major buying considerations. 

With greater proximity to clients, US warehouse facilities store your business’s goods in a convenient location. Your business will only deal with the process of dispatching your items, eliminating the hassle of constant custom issues for each separate shipment. Expect your items to be delivered in a timely manner and satisfy the demands of your customers. 

Fewer headaches at the border

Expanding your business to the US can be daunting, and can also be filled with excess complications that you want to avoid. Shipping between two countries, with different custom rules and regulations, may be difficult to manoeuvre and will ultimately cost you money. 

Your business can benefit from a US warehouse facility by reducing these challenges at the border. Your inventory shipping should be a simple process, requiring no additional complications. What is this process? Ship your products in bulk! Instead of shipping hundreds of items separately, the bulk approach will reduce the likelihood of encountering problems at the US border. On top of that, having a US incorporated company decreases the costs in custom clearances. Don’t rack your brains in trying to process your US orders, rather focus on growing your business.

Faster order turnaround time

While demand is increasing, expectations are also rising. Delivery of items must be quick and efficient, but there should be no compromise regarding quality. It is imperative for your business to provide high quality service for optimal business growth and establishing customer loyalty.

A US warehouse facility streamlines your order fulfilment process and maintains cost-effective inventory management. The availability of goods is a comfort that having a US warehouse can efficiently provide. With the Pick, Pack & Ship method (collecting the right products to be packed and shipped directly to the right client), efficient turnaround time is guaranteed. Not to mention, the ability to control all levels of inventories assures you that enough goods are stored in the warehouse at any time, so that shipping will be done promptly. In the case of returns, returned products are shipped back to the US warehouse. The facility will handle the full return process from updating inventory levels, to maintaining quality control, creating storage space and other options that meet your business’s procedures.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Committing to reducing your carbon footprint is advantageous for every business nowadays. Companies are investing in eliminating their carbon footprint from their supply chains, and those that don’t follow suit may find themselves in an unfavourable position to compete in the industry. 

What are some of the ways your business can reduce its carbon emissions? Opt for a single bulk shipment to the US border instead of multiple shipments. Reducing the number of shipments will allow your business to lower its carbon footprint. Additionally, clients prefer to do business with local/domestic businesses that are committing to eco-friendly standards. Having a US warehouse will reduce your carbon footprint by using domestic shipments, sending returned goods back to the US facility, investing in fuel efficiency with cross-docking services and so much more.

The need for a US warehouse facility is becoming a priority to assure business efficiency, growth, and an exceptional client experience. Warehousing services aren’t a one-size-fits-all, therefore don’t be afraid to explore all of the warehousing services to determine which are suited to your exact needs and demands. 

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