US Mail and Small Package Forwarding to Canada (Business & Personal)

With over 20 years in business, we offer US mail forwarding to Canada, and mail management solutions (including package forwarding). We provide a complete mail service including: receiving mail, redirecting mail, and mail pick up services. 

Mail Forwarding US to Canada

Business America Services provides you with a physical US address that you can add to your website and marketing material to allow your business to specify US-based operations and by that, increase its legitimacy.

All mail is forwarded to your Canadian address based on your selected frequency. It can be shipped by regular USPS mail (United States Postal Services), or with an overnight courier, either UPS, FedEx or DHL. For courier services, you should expect US mail forwarding to Canada to arrive the next day around 10:30 a.m. Documents are not subject to customs, however, custom fees may apply to merchandise.

Receiving Mail

Is your mailbox overflowing? Do you have a hard time filtering out what’s important and what’s not? With our premium mail management service, you grant us permission to filter your mail and open your credit card bills, invoices, or orders. These documents can be faxed or emailed to you for $1.00 per sheet. Never miss a payment, or customer order again!

Redirecting Mail

If the mail addressed to you or your company arrives at our distribution centre and needs to be distributed to different entities that reside in multiple Canadian locations, Business America Services can forward this mailto each entity upon a formal request. We charge a modest fee per instance on top of our regular charges for shipping by either UPS or US Mail. We can redirect mail to wherever you need in any part of the world.

Mail Pickup/Shipping From Swanton

If you have a post office box here in Swanton VT, you can leave us the key and we will pick up your mail for a budget-friendly fee per trip. Business America Services will then forward your mail by UPS or USPS at regular rates.

The Benefits of US Mail Forwarding to Canada

The US address service is never complete without the mail forwarding service. You receive: