US Small Business Administration for Canadian Businesses

Canadian businesses often require aid with US small business administration. Business America Services (BAS) can assist your business in:

Incorporation & Registration

We usually offer incorporation in the state of Delaware, and registration in the state of Vermont. We will tell you which state offers you the most advantageous level of legal protection for your business. Incorporation offers your business the highest level of legal protection. Your business becomes its own legal entity, as such, protecting business owners from losing personal assets. Whereas, simply registering your business allows operations in the state of Vermont, which can be a less costly option for expanding your business to other regions, does not offer the same benefits as US incorporation.

Benefits for incorporating or registering your business

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Certificate of Good Standing

Once you have incorporated or registered your business, obtaining a certificate of good standing is important to maintain credibility and legal status. Being in good standing means that the business is compliant with all state filings and regulations. Business America Services will work with your business or registered agent to ensure it maintains its certificate of good standing.

Benefits of certificate of good standing

Commercial Agent

Canadian businesses can be at a disadvantage without  US citizenship. The commercial agent is a US citizen whose role is to manage various parts of your business in the US. The Canadian business is the “principal” and the relationship between the commercial agent and the”principal“ is a partnership. The “principal” creates an agreement with the commercial agent, whereby the commercial agent will act on behalf of and in favour of the “principal”.

Benefits of having a commercial agent:

Bank Account Support

Sometimes, when you want to open a new bank account in the US, you are required to have an American SIN or a US address. This is where registered agents come in. BAS acts on behalf of your Canadian business and will aid in the opening of US bank accounts and any additional support.

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Tax Filing Assistant

Doing business in the US means filing taxes. Canadian businesses already have to file taxes in Canada and may be unfamiliar with the US tax system and regulations. Business America Services aims at enhancing tax compliance. We will forward you to a US Tax Specialist (Partner) that will ensure maximum return or/and deductions.

Benefits of our tax filing assistant

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