US Shipping Address (for Canadian Businesses)

US Shipping Address

Canadian businesses often require a US shipping address. Having a physical address in the US enables companies to:

Once you have established a US address with us, this new address will become your virtual zipcode. Your suppliers can ship directly to and from this address. We will forward your mail directly from our location to your Canadian address.

US Registered Agent

Your US address is not just a box number, it can also be a physical address with a registered agent. If you intend to open a bank account in the US, you will be required to provide a physical US address. Having a US registered agent address will allow you to complete the application for opening a US bank account, and to incorporate your business in the US.

Need to open a US bank account? Consult with us first.

US Phone Number

Our services also include the option to add a US phone number which will be forwarded to a designated Canadian phone line. Adding a US address and phone number to your online presence improves legitimacy in the eyes of your clients and will encourage them to call you (i.e., domestic calls instead of international calls).

Interested in a US phone number? Contact us today.

US Office Space

If your business requires having a physical location for meetings or a limited number of US staff members, we offer 20 ft x 20 ft office spaces that can be rented on a monthly or yearly basis.

You require temporary or permanent office space? Contact us today.

Over all, having a US shipping address ensures that your organization:

Get a US shipping address for all your needs. Contact us now!