Cross-Docking warehouse for Canadian businesses

With over 20 years in business, we offer US mail forwarding to Canada, and mail management solutions. We provide a complete mail service including: receiving mail, redirecting mail, and mail pick up services. 

Advantages of Cross-Docking Services

Business America Services (BAS) offers top of the line cross-docking services. Once your Canadian truck arrives at our warehouse, your shipment is stored in a dedicated area for cross-docking, waiting for the US truck to arrive and pick-up the goods.

How Does It Work?

Shipping between one country and another can add much unwanted complexity that ends up costing time and money. With the BAS cross-docking warehouse services, it’s as simple as this: unload your goods to our warehouse, load them on an American truck, and ship them. That’s all! Whether you need to deliver to your wholesalers or to your client’s warehouse in the US, BAS offers a cost-effective and efficient process.

The cross-docking services include the seven-day cycle of Canadian trucks unloading in the US and the loading of US trucks, which we take into account to ensure no time is wasted. We are also well-connected with independent transportation organizations and can coordinate alternative American transportation providers to ensure fast and reliable deliveries.

To take advantage of this expertise and minimal shipping fees on cross-docking services, contact us to get a quote!