Doing Business in the US (from Canada)

Looking to do business in the US or to sell goods from Canada to US clients? Business America Services (BAS) acts as a cross-border logistics service provider for your business.

Our Services

The essential services for doing business in the US are at your fingertips:

Benefits for Your Business?

Handling your professional supply chain needs with clear benefits:

Obtain American Identity

Become a US company overnight with a small investment, while gaining market access and confidence.

Save Money

Take advantage of favourable tax considerations and slash international shipping rates by using US domestic transportation fees.

Facilitate Processes

Spend less time on order fulfillment processing, US inventory management, and shipping scheduling, while focusing on growing your business.

Save Money and Expand Your Business Into the US

For over 20 years, Business America Services has been helping small and medium-sized Canadian companies in streamlining their business in the US. Our proximity to the Canadian border, only five minutes away, is convenient for doing business in the US. We strive to service you as if we were an extension of your business. We provide efficient and cost-effective services.

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